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Liza Carbé and JP Durand

Carbe and Durand touring China in support of their New CD “A Bridge Between”

When Liza and I were offered the chance to take our new CD “A Bridge Between” to China we jumped at the chance. The experience is one we will never forget. 谢谢,我的朋友  .

JP’s Insight on Touring in China:

Either as Carbe and Durand or with our band Incendio touring, traveling and playing music for a living is a wonderful life. Now add in the factor of international touring and that’s really high on the water mark of the fun factor. But China really push the adventure and fun button. ...



The combo of two acoustic guitars and what could be considered modern-day standards seems on first blush like a recipe for a pretty common record. With a duo as talented and imaginative as Liza Carbe and J.P. Durand, though, it's not plain in any way.

The real beauty in this album, aside from the obvious talents of the duo, are familiar tunes getting a onceover. Not content to let "Blackbird" fall into acoustic cliche-land, they state the familiar melody, but then solo gloriously over it. Same goes for the old warhorse, "Scarborough Fair", breathing new life into the song with rolling minor chords and punchy soloing.

They wind their way through familiar tunes like "Isn't She Lovely", "Wichita Lineman", and "Paint It Black" in much the same way, infusing them with flamenco flourishes, dazzling improvisations, and emotional readings of the familiar melodies.

There are also several originals written by the duo that maintain the same integrity and surprise. The guitarists know each other's steps and the melodies and solos in the original tunes are instantly memorable and hummable.

This album is one of the year's surprise delights.



Carbe and Durand are simply excellent guitarists. Their duo album, A BRIDGE BETWEEN, is a real treat. The music is just two acoustic guitars, nothing else, and it features exquisite picking and playing. But what makes the album even more delectable are the tunes -- ten melodies from classic pop and rock tunes from the past half-century plus three originals.

These two musicians also play in the popular recording and touring world-music group Incendio with Jim Stubblefield. But additionally Liza Carbe has played with the all-female Platinum-selling rock group Vixen, former Santana singer Leon Patillo, and Fleetwood Mac's Lindsay Buckingham. Meanwhile, JP Durand has had his own rock bands Pretzel Logic and Book of Storms.

On their duet recording, Carbe and Durand do their own unique two-guitar-only instrumental arrangements of classic pop and rock songs from the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties. Whether the listener knows the original versions or not does not matter, because these are great melodies that translate wonderfully to acoustic guitar. For example, this duo does extraordinary versions of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time," The Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black," Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Town," "Blackbird" (from The Beatles' catalog), "Wichita Lineman" (a hit for Glen Campbell), "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" (a big chart-maker by Tears For Fears) and "Fragile" (a Sting tune). Completely enjoyable for listeners of all ages.


Liza Carbe and JP Durand are two acoustic guitarists who have spent many years working together, besides being partnera they are cofounders along with Jim Stubblefield of the well-known group Incendio. But outside that training they make individual works and have collaborations and also formed the duo that presents this new work entitled "A Bridge Between."

Here we find songs and well-known themes performed with acoustic guitar, since we can find versions of songs like the classic "Time After Time" popularized by Cyndi Lauper, or "Paint It Black" by the Rolling Stones or Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Town" and other classics.

In summary, this is a joy for lovers of acoustic guitar as these two great guitarists recreate big themes with their guitars in an excellent way, so there is nothing better than to relax and enjoy it as "A Bridge Between" the old and the new.