Liza Carbé and JP Durand

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Music Business 101 with

Liza Carbe and JP Durand:

Liza and JP will bring their tried and true tips and lessons for profitable touring, travel, producing, scoring, placing, streaming and selling in the music business. Learn what to avoid and how to speak successful musician. Let their music tenure help empower and guide your musical journey.



Learn how to thrive, survive and profit in the music business.


There are many different ways to make a living in the music industry these days. Because of social media and the Internet, it’s much easier to be a successful independent musician. Knowing the tools that are available to you and understanding how to use them makes your job that much easier.  In order to thrive, you need to know how to book shows,  how to book a tour, how to speak to a promoter.  You also need videos, EPK’s, and new ways to promote your band and your business.   

Do you know what a PRO is? Do you know what a license is, or a licensing fee?  Do you know how to collect your royalties?  It’s great to place your music in a film or commercial, but if you don’t understand how to register it or how to negotiate a contract, it will severely limit the amount of money you will be making.  You need to know how and with whom to register your music so you get any performance royalties and licensing fees due to you.  There are many revenue-generating avenues open to you – you need to not be afraid to ask, know where to go, and learn these standard music business practies.

My name is Liza Carbe and I along with my partners Jean-Pierre Durand and Jim Stubblefield are founders of the world music group Incendio.  We have been together for over 17 years and have 11 CD’s and perform over 150 show annually nationally and internationally. Although we have been with two different recording companies and currently have a non-exclusive booking agent, we are now primarily independent.

This means we book our own shows, record our own CD’s, book and promote our own tours, produce, record and write our own music and we make a living. We perform at festivals, cultural art centers, house concerts and a whole lot more.

We also have been writing music for music libraries, TV and film, scoring to picture and producing other artists for over 25 years. We understand the royalty stream and how important that is for you, as a musician and composer, to understand it as well. We also understand how sound works in the studio and live.

You can learn these things on your own. We did, but it took years. Every year or so we would discover something new and say “Damn! I wish I had known that before”.  We may have been able to get that gig or that placement but we didn’t know. So we added it to our knowledge base for the next time. There is always something new to learn. The more you understand how the music biz works and are able to diligently, apply simple processes, the more successful you will be.  Knowledge is power.

Knowledge also keeps people from taking advantage of you. There is plenty of that in every business! Music is no different.    My degree is from UC Berkeley in economics. I graduated and worked in at MCA Records, as well as Univision and Telemundo, where I helped to put on and promote large events in for Univision. I brought that knowledge with me and have applied it to my career in music.

My degree is in music from CSUN with the emphasis on classical guitar. I graduated and worked as a bass player in a rock band….. Ooops! What I learned in composition I have been able to apply to the music I now write with Incendio and other projects. I played in a lot of guitar ensembles, so when I auditioned for Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac) and got the gig, I was prepared. When he stated “I want a group with five guitarists and we are all going to be playing interlocking parts”, I understood the concept.

We offer hourly coaching sessions to teach you what you need to know to be successful. We can’t make you successful. We don’t book the gigs for you. We give you the tools to do it yourself. You can wait around for someone to do it for you or you can empower yourself to be successful.

You will no longer wonder “what exactly is an ASCAP”?  There will be no more days waiting at the mailbox for the check that never comes.  You will either know you did your business right, and the check has to come, legally.  Or, you will know if you did your business wrong, and if it’s a fixable problem, or not.  Peace of mind.  You can achieve it, with the help of:

“Thrive and Survive in the Music Business”.


“Learn from real musicians Carbe’ and Durand how to avoid pitfalls and move right into success”

Class and conference dates coming soon.